Best Slow Hay Feeders for Horses
Let your horse graze naturally...
Slow Feed With a PORTA-GRAZER™

Slow Natural Grazing Equine Hay Feeders
Recommended by Vets

Simulate natural slow grazing with by allowing your horse to eat hay or feed at a naturally slower pace and in a natural position. Eliminates the use of high hay nets and the subsequent health issues associated with them, no neck twisting, your horse eats in the correct position he/she was designed to do. Replaces the feast and famine system of being fed twice a day and eating much too quickly. A horses’ digestive system is designed to recieve a constant supply of forage in a slow continuous manner. An unnatural way of feeding your horse can be the root cause of many health and behavioural problems.

Hay Feeders For Horses

Helps Prevent:

• Colic • Ulcers • Boredom• Cribbing • Weaving
• Chewing • Kicking • Feed Aggression and more!

The Porta-Grazer™ hay feeder is the ideal solution for horses that are on restricted diets due to laminitis, cushings, colic and post colic surgery, stomach ulcers and more…

This is just what this slow hay feeder does for horses… what about for you?

Slow Hay Feeders For Horses.

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